It’s OK to wonder how your life got to this point.

And it’s OK to be tired of facing this journey alone… feeling like nobody understands just how impossible it seems to live life without using or drinking.

You’re not alone in these feelings.

Maybe you’ve tried counseling, self-help books, and talking with friends and family. Maybe you’ve tried doing it all on your own. It just feels like there’s something missing inside you, even if you don’t know what it is. All you know for sure is that every day feels like a battle for survival.

I’ve been there.

I was born into a dysfunctional family. From a very young age, I went through experiences that practically guaranteed me a life of addiction and using.

The journey to healing wasn’t easy… it never is.

But I took the time – and feelings of risk – to do the work I needed to do. I’m fully trained and certified in multiple trauma & addiction recovery modalities. And now, I’m living my best life, and helping amazing women like you heal from the traumas and addictions that steal life away.

Once you begin this journey, you’ll soon find that you CAN become the person you want to be. It doesn’t have to be an impossible dream… not anymore.

It is so empowering when your dreams and heartfelt desires become the reality in which you live. I would love to be a part of YOUR life-changing journey – to walk beside you and support you as you explore, heal, grow, and THRIVE!

Here’s what’s about to become possible for you:

~Freedom to live life without drug/alcohol cravings, and without your past traumas haunting you with constant pain and hurt…

~You’ll develop a new toolbox of skills and activities to replace using when things get tough…

~You’ll enjoy mended relationships with friends and family that have been damaged through your addiction…

~You’ll be able to forgive the people that have hurt you in the past…

And maybe best of all…

~You’ll learn how to love yourself again (or maybe for the first time), and be happy with the person you’ve become, and continue to develop into.

I’ve got your back.

Schedule a free chat to see if we are a good fit to work together and if I’m the coach you’d like to have beside you along your journey to becoming your very best self!

“You will never know success if you never try to reach for it. There is no time like today to begin your journey to healing.”